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Situated right on the edge of the track, Daytona House is nothing less than your own personal grandstand with unlimited track access and a view of all the race action. The spectacle of the racetrack outside your window is both inspiring to your staff and ideal for client entertainment. Thanks to the latest technology in soundproofing, you can continue to work without distractions and when you want to enjoy a break, you can watch the fastest and finest motor sports race past.
The development Daytona House received its name from the iconic Autodrome racetrack in MotorCity. With an emphasis on applied technologies and light industrial facilities..



Detroit House

Set further away from the track, Detroit House is located on MotorCity’s main commercial strip and commands excellent views. Its heavy walls and vertical openings join with the boulevard arcade in a rich simplicity, reflecting the elegant spacious feel of Parisian boulevards. Ideally placed for shops, retail outlets and offices, Detroit House is a prime location for successful businesses.
Accommodating stunning views of the Grand Roundabout Parade on one side and the racetrack on the other, Detroit House enjoys close proximity to the city’s major shopping malls as it is located on the main boulevard.