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Set further away from the track, Detroit House is located on MotorCity’s main commercial strip and commands excellent views. Its heavy walls and vertical openings join with the boulevard arcade in a rich simplicity, reflecting the elegant spacious feel of Parisian boulevards. Ideally placed for shops, retail outlets and offices, Detroit House is a prime location for successful businesses.

Accommodating stunning views of the Grand Roundabout Parade on one side and the racetrack on the other, Detroit House enjoys close proximity to the city’s major shopping malls as it is located on the main boulevard. Situated in the commercial district, the building holds a highly desirable office space and retains an attractive and practical exterior design that complements the entire development.

The building’s stylish, modern architecture is in close keeping with the overall ambiance and look of the entire MotorCity project. The ground floor contains an arcade of retail spaces, together with a prestigious entrance to the reception area. Each floor offers a group of office units which can be joined in a flexible and modular manner.

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Building facts

  • Completion Date: 4th quarter 2009
  • Number of stories: 2B + G + 10
  • Number of offices: 141 + 9 shops
  • Project plot area: 69,394 sq ft
  • Ground and floor avg area:  225,000 sq ft
  • Total built up area: 390,000 sq ft